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I loved to visit temples quite frequently and notice them being distributed. I then began to try and understand the symbols and meaning.

I obtained several over a span of weeks and noticed they were all different. This was quite a project that lasted for several years and was the foundation of my Master's thesis.

I am 65 sui (years old) and the students are not like when I went to school.

The very much relate to visual materials, dvd, and internet.

Later, I added more than 300 from Japan and about 200 from Korea. I then was able to collect more in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in 2008, 20.

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Police are searching for their attackers, Khloe Kardashian not dating Matt Kemp, sources say .

While there I bought my very first book on Chinese culture: by C. This book greatly aided my understanding of how things worked socially in Vietnam which had many similarities to Chinese society. Yes, it helped me understand things that I could see, but not understand.

After my service I started college in 1970 and I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies at Florida State University in 1973. I also have a Master of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from Florida State University in 1979.

I became interested in Asian culture when I was sent to Vietnam in 1967 in the US Navy.

I worked closely with Vietnamese and I was the "honcho (boss) over 45 Vietnamese laborers.

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